On the run from her criminal relatives, an Irish horsewoman faces a cursed future. Forced to choose between a promise to win the Kentucky Derby for the family who gave her shelter or save her drunken father and autistic brother when they are a no show at Churchill Downs days before the big race. Dr. Bridie O'Malley, DVM, knows there is danger on the horizon for when a horseman misses the greatest two minutes in sports, it is not by choice. Neither is the fact that Bridie can’t choose her relatives. Back in Ireland, the O’Malley clan is now the Irish mob and now, after fifteen years of exile, they’ve found her and want payback.

With the help of her lifelong friends, a forensic accountant for the FBI and a Fashion Editor for Beauté magazine, Bridie must unravel the clues before the mob learns Mickey's secret. #runfamilyisforever

Run is a work of fiction for mature audiences All characters and names are fictious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Run is registered with the Writer's Guild of America and the US Copyright office. All Rights are reserved by Maureen O'Crean, so please don't copy our material and feel free to share our website with your friends. Thanks!

Special Thanks to Gerardo Garcia, Jr. for his wonderful music, used with permission. You can visit him at www.gerardogarciamusic.com

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With her father and brother coming in from Ireland for the Kentucky Derby, Bridie can't fight her impulse to escape one last night. Where will that dark road lead her?

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Things seem quiet on Burroughs Farm, but Bridie is in for a surprise after her night out.

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Home Sweet Home, Almost. Bridie must make sure the champion horses, Lightning and Rise are ready to run the race of their life. Now if she can only keep Aunt Rose out of her business.

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As Bridie and the horses arrive at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby, it will take more than hope to get her through this day.

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Our feisty redhead Bridie and Max check into the Arms Hotel for the Racing Today Luncheon. There's more than bourbon in the suite.

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As Max and Bridie join the elite circle of the Kentucky Derby Racing community for the awards luncheon, her archenemy Alexandra Stanford makes a move in the wrong direction. Brendan delivers some unwanted news from the family.

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