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Episode Thirty-One: Dinner at Eight
Armed with new clues, Bridie finds a sticky situation waiting for her at the hotel.

Episode Thirty: Up, Up and Away
A visitor to Pops' hospital room sets a new danger in motion.

Episode Twenty-Nine: Sins of Omission
Bridie faces a new foe when she lets her guard down at Churchill Downs and with Meg.

Episode Twenty-Eight: The Wish List
Bridie steps into a confrontation and gets a new lead in the case.

Episode Twenty-Seven: Alphabet Soup
Bridie's plan misfires when she learns the Doorman's true intentions.

Episode Twenty-Six: Taco Tangle
When Bridie meets the Doorman from the club for lunch, it's not just the salsa that is hot.

Episode Twenty-Five: The Canopy
A night at a downtown Louisville club gives Bridie, Meg and Jordyn more trouble than they can handle.

Episode Twenty-Four: The Red Barn
A trip to old acquaintance brings a big surprise for the newbie sleuths, Bridie and Meg.

Episode Twenty-Three: A Dangerous Parley
Bridie is blindsided when a casual lunch turns into a summons to appear.

Episode Twenty-Two: The visit
Bridie gets an unusual communication as she preps for a night on the town.

Episode Twenty-One: Mickey's Secret
Bridie finally comes clean with Max and reveals the truth about Mickey's disappearance.

Episode Twenty: An Unlikely Ally
Facing an uncertain future, Bridie finds herself defending her actions.

Episode Nineteen: Kissing Cousins
A beside chat with Pops reveals the secret that Brendan has been keeping from Bridie.

Episode Eighteen: The Family Business
Bridie delves deeper into the origins of the O'Malley family business.

Episode Seventeen: Going, Going, Gone
A new team leaves Bridie wondering who will stand by her.

Episode Sixteen: The Blue Horse
Bridie follows a lead to a new mysterious player in town.

Episode Fifteen: An Unlikely Ally
Bridie has a change of heart and confronts the unknown looking for information she needs.

Episode Fourteen: The Big Meet
The Gang's all here and Bridie plots her next move.

Episode Thirteen: A Mysterious Stranger
Bridie discovers a nasty truth about her family when she arrives at Churchill Downs.

Episode Twelve: A Silent Warning
Bridie soon learns her father's condition.

Episode Eleven: A Tragic Truth
Bridie is determined to know the truth of her tragic past.

Episode Ten: A Blood Moon Rises
After a mysterious message is received, Bridie and Max race to see what it is all about.

Episode Nine: Simple Treasures
A visit brings a message from the past for Bridie.

Episode Eight: An Unexpected Turn
Bridie's family is in jeopardy as she rushes to learn their fate.

Episode Seven: A Scarborough Warning
Bridie's family is in jeopardy as she rushes to learn their fate.

Episode Six: The Racing Today Luncheon
As Max and Bridie join the elite circle of the Kentucky Derby Racing community, her archenemy Alexandra Stanford makes a move in the wrong direction. Brendan delivers some unwanted news from the family.

Episode Five: The Arms Hotel
Bridie and Max check into the Arms hotel for the Racing Today Luncheon. There's more in the suite than bourbon.

Episode Four: The Twin Spires
Bridie arrives at Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby is in the air, as hopefuls fill the barns. It will take more than hope to get them through this day.

Episode Three: Mickey's Scones
Bridie has a lot on her mind as she discovers there is much more cooking on the farm then Aunt Rose making Mickey's scones.

Episode Two: Burroughs Farm
Things seem quiet on Burroughs Farm, but Bridie is in for a surprise.

Episode One:A Night on the Town
With her father and brother coming in from Ireland for the Kentucky Derby, Bridie can't fight her impulse to escape. Where will that dark road lead her?

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