The Fix is in on the Kentucky Derby and Irish equine vet, Bridie O’Malley, 38, is in a double squeeze. With a horse running in the Derby in less than 10 days, it is not a good time for muscle from an Irish gang to collect on her father’s gambling debt. Bridie knows she’s in trouble. But she has a much bigger problem: her father and special needs brother are missing. When a horseman doesn’t show up for the greatest two minutes in sports, it is not by choice. Neither is the fact that Bridie can’t choose her relatives. Back in Ireland, the O’Malley clan is the mob and now, after fifteen years of exile, they’ve found her.

With her face plastered all over Louisville as “The One to Watch”, Bridie is a rising star in the world of thoroughbred horse racing--with a double life. Her best friend Max would give his life for her, but Bridie is not the marrying kind. Just ask Brendan, her first love in Ireland is in Louisville for the Derby and payback.

Her brother, Mickey, a savant, has a gift the gambling syndicate would kill for, but Bridie can’t let that happen. If she can’t find Mickey before the bets are paid on the Kentucky Derby, he’ll be taken out of the country and lost forever.

Blocked at every turn, she's a little afraid that the mastermind of all her woes may just be smarter than she is. When Bridie enlists the help of her life long friends, Megan, a forensic accountant for the FBI and Jordyn, a fashion editor, The unlikely crew of newbie sleuths stumbles into dangerous territory. Bridie must unravel the mystery of what the mob wants and the terrible secrets her father is keeping all while keeping her own secrets under wraps.

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With her father and brother coming in from Ireland for the Kentucky Derby, Bridie can't fight her impulse to escape one last night. Where will that dark road lead her?

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Things seem quiet on Burroughs Farm, but Bridie is in for a surprise after her night out.

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Home Sweet Home, Almost. Bridie must make sure the champion horses, Lightning and Rise are ready to run the race of their life. Now if she can only keep Aunt Rose out of her business.

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As Bridie and the horses arrive at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby, it will take more than hope to get her through this day.

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Our feisty redhead Bridie and Max check into the Arms Hotel for the Racing Today Luncheon. There's more than bourbon in the suite.

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As Max and Bridie join the elite circle of the Kentucky Derby Racing community for the awards luncheon, her archenemy Alexandra Stanford makes a move in the wrong direction. Brendan delivers some unwanted news from the family.

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